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International Business Community Uncertainty. Relationships Provide Stable Future.
Published on February 6, 2017

Markets do not like uncertainty or instability. Many questions were raised in 2016 about the uncertainty of future US Trade policies. In Germany, where the major economic players are the Mittelstandt, concerns about the stability of their investment in the US Market, and its overall stability, cause many to be adapting conservatively if this will increase their operational costs for foreign businessProvide solutions that provide greater stability for international investments of smaller companies in uncertain times….

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Leipzig and Atlanta: Two Centers of the South
Published on February 21, 2017

As a native of Atlanta and and active member of the International Business Community, I have been proud to make my new home in Leipzig in the past year, and hopefully longer. From that perspective, I thought it important to provide an overview for other Atlanta residents. Leipzig has a long proud history of over 1000 years, and while the city avoided heavy destruction from the bombing of both World Wars, it faced severe neglect in the late 1980s. However, like Atlanta, the past 25 years have seen Leipzig rising again as a vibrant center of trade, business, culture and advanced study and research…..

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Refugee Challenges for Germany’s Economic Prosperity.
Published on November 24, 2015

This article was slated before the Paris events, but seem more relevant now than ever concerning the focus we give the treatment of European refugees and the potential for success of this „experiment.“ Chancellor Merkel, the daughter of a clergyman, has stated that the country, and Europe will be judged on how they respond to the situation at hand. She has used as a platform for her proposed policies the potential economic boost a younger workforce can aid to support an aging German population. Many factors appear involved in the make or break challenges ahead to be successful…..

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