Markets do not like uncertainty or instability. Many questions were raised in 2016 about the uncertainty of future US Trade policies. In Germany, where the major economic players are the Mittelstandt, concerns about the stability of their investment in the US Market, and its overall stability, cause many to be adapting conservatively if this will increase their operational costs for foreign business.US businesses have become accustomed to assistance provided domestically as well as in local regions internationally offering FDI incentives in the forms of EU or federal subsidies, tax reduction, or salary matching programs. As 2017 dawns, not only do trade policies start to shift, but these global relationships between countries take on new directions and dynamics. It creates uncertainty for US businesses in understanding how those relationships could affect the application of economic development assistance. As always, this factors into their budget for international business plans, and has the potential to be a deciding factor in their intention to proceed with business growth plans.At this time, I see in my own local home regions where I have the strongest relationships and connections, the local partners emerging as the key players. It becomes increasingly obvious that these relationships will be the pivotal components in trade and international business in the road ahead. In Georgia, where recent economic growth has revolved heavily on international business dependency, local Chambers of Commerce are emphasizing the importance and ability of our cross-Atlantic ties and relationships to become the core foundation for maintaining stability in these uncertain times.


One factor does seem apparent from sources in the business news community, with uncertainty and instability in two major economies which have been part of the global fabric, EU leaders are seeing great opportunity for the EU to grow further and provide a stable investment environment. US companies should expect local regional resources to be available, and while there may be normal shift and change in resources or FDI incentives applied, these services will be there to help provide sound investment guidance in international business operations. In return, these business communities locally in the US should realize their importance in maintaining continued international business attraction and investment integrating into their economies and bringing added value and growth.

We are developing strategies to add value and stability for SMEs in both the US and the EU find solutions to navigating this uncertainty. Based on our understanding of both business cultures, strong relationships, and strategy experience, we provide individual assessment and tailor made solutions for international business investment stability.