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Large Market Entry: Regional Strategy

Yes. It is 2021, and countries have large easily navigatable distribution logistics, especially in large land mass countries like the USA and China. However, just because you can distribute your product across a large national market can be deceiving for companies coming from Europe. Once my friend who works for Seimans kept visiting Boston when I was living in Seattle, and the Southeast US, thinking since he was in the same country I was nearby to visit him. Domestic companies in the US do...

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Economic Improvement? Nov Election Edition.

It’s that time of year again! Every four years we see questions surrounding US government leadership and administration, and face usually predictable economic cycles surrounding the election season. 2020 has been anything but predictable. Since I work with the Economist Group, I am very interested in the outlook they are providing the staff about this election cycle, but we have seen unusual circumstances in Q2 of 2020 regarding the economic outlook. It’s that time of year again! Every...

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Refugee Challenges for Germany’s Economic Prosperity

This article was slated before the Paris events, but seem more relevant now than ever concerning the focus we give the treatment of European refugees and the potential for success of this “experiment.” Chancellor Merkel, the daughter of a clergyman, has stated that the country, and Europe will be judged on how they respond to the situation at hand. She has used as a platform for her proposed policies the potential economic boost a younger workforce can aid to support an aging German...

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Ageism in Startups – More Pros than Cons working with older Founders

Recently I had an interesting conversation with colleagues in the investment community. One Business Angel highlighted a particular trend of interest: StartUps with older founders are frequently overlooked by investors. Following our common ground of working with older teams, I thought it was important to highlight the benefits of this demographic of professionals, and acknowledge some obstacles they face in contrast to younger teams but are far outweighed by the strengths they bring to the...

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Scotland: Explaining Sturgeon’s Address

When working with government clients, my focus being on performance management and functionality, I feel my personal political opinions take a back seat, and I am more objective observer how best to connect to constituents needs. Yesterday’s announcement in the Parliament of Scotland did not come to a shock to many in Europe who have been watching the Brexit process unfold. Scottish MEP Alyn Smith gave a rousing speech in European Parliament recently which appealed to and connected with many...

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Renewable Energy Transition: Intersection of Business and Politics

Recently, I have fielded several requests on a status update of the work and conversations I have had, and shared privately with colleagues on the status of the progress in the Renewable Transition Industry. Specifically where governments are facing pressure politically coming from the direction East of Europe and the Fossil Fuel industries. If my insights on these topics interest you, please find my analysis following. My conversations have been primarily on two continents for 2020 YTD,...

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Climate Crisis: Complex Systems Analysis

11 September. It is a big date. I am not unaware of that as I booked a reservation to go to Munich to meet representatives from the Oxford Said Business School. One of the women recruited to row at Yale with me died that day 18 years ago. However in 2019, in Munich I had a very different conversation with the team from Oxford, including a Marketing Professor who had lectured on digital marketing and increasing market shares for Google and Facebook, following a very typical model of corporate...

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Leipzig and Atlanta: Two Centers of the South

I am a native of Atlanta and and active member of the International Business Community, I’m now proud to make my new home in Leipzig. From that perspective, I thought it important to provide an overview for other Atlanta residents. Leipzig has a long proud history of over 1000 years, and while the city avoided heavy destruction from the bombing of both World Wars, it faced severe neglect in the late 1980s. However, like Atlanta, the past 25 years have seen Leipzig rising again as a...

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International Business Community Uncertainty. Relationships Provide Stable Future.

Markets do not like uncertainty or instability. Many questions were raised in 2016 about the uncertainty of future US Trade policies. In Germany, where the major economic players are the Mittelstandt, concerns about the stability of their investment in the US Market, and its overall stability, cause many to be adapting conservatively if this will increase their operational costs for foreign business.US businesses have become accustomed to assistance provided domestically as well as in local...

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